ESTA: The needed document to enter the US

This program enables the citizens of 22 European countries and 5 Asian countries to enter American territory without holding a visa. The ESTA system (or Electronic System for Travel Authorization) has the main objective of filtering the flow of travellers in the airports and inside American territory. An ESTA form should be completed by all travellers from the program member countries before their entry into the United States. The application submission can only be made through the Internet, and individually. Once granted, an ESTA authorization is valid for two years or on the expiry of the traveller’s passport.

What kind of information is required on the ESTA form?

This is separated into three sections. The first concerns the traveller’s identification and their passport. It should be noted that not all types of passport are acceptable. Although the electronic and biometric passports are valid, optical read passports issued from the 26th October 2005 are not. The second section of the ESTA form has closed questions relating to the traveller’s intentions during their visit. The optional third section relates to information about the flights and stay in the United States. Upon submitting their application, the traveller certifies the truth and accuracy of all information submitted by them.

It is therefore recommended to carefully read the form before completing and submitting it. Although it is not required for you to note the ESTA form as ‘read & self-certified’, printing two copies would be prudent; one to take with you on your trip, the other to keep to one side for future travel. The information entered on the form should be the same as that in your passport. The ESTA authorization should be renewed when renewing your passport or changing your identification details.

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