How much does ESTA application cost?

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How much does ESTA application cost?

The principle points of the Visa Waiver Program

22 European and 5 Asian countries benefit from the program which is aimed at simplifying the entry procedures for travellers and improving the traffic flow in airports. Security concerns also motivated the implementation of this program which filters travellers more efficiently.

The program enables travellers from member countries to enter United States territory without requiring a visa. An ESTA authorization is individual and obligatory for all types of visit; tourism, business or transitory.

It should be noted that being a citizen of a program member country does not automatically mean that you are eligible for the program; travellers with serious contagious illnesses or those considered to present a threat to public order in the United States are, for example, susceptible to seeing their ESTA application refused.

In this case you will need to proceed with the standard visa application via an American diplomatic office. In order to avoid any delay to your travel plans it is strongly recommended that you allow a period of 72 hours for the processing of information even though in the majority of cases the applications are approved almost immediately after their submission.


The cost of an ESTA application

Although originally free at its introduction on the 12 January 2009, the submission of an ESTA application has been payable since 8 September 2010. All travellers are required to pay a fixed amount fee by the American authorities. It should be noted that although the application submission is payable, the application form is available free here and on the ESTA website. The ESTA authorization system is entirely using the internet so travellers without internet access will need to access the system through a third party.


How to correct mistakes

Only a mistake concerning the passport number requires a new ESTA application form submission. The other data such as itinerary, the name of the airline company, the flight number or the email address can be changed with the update function.

Valid for a period of two years from its approval date or until the expiry of the passport if this expires before this period, an ESTA authorization is valid for several visits during this period. A traveller whose passport expires before the two year period will receive an ESTA authorization valid until the passport expiry date. It should be noted that only electronic, biometric and optical read passports are valid. Emergency or temporary passports are not suitable for ESTA authorization; their holders should request a visa from a United States Embassy.