The update procedure for your ESTA file

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The update procedure for your ESTA file

If you have already obtained travel authorization to the United States after validating your ESTA, but you wish to reuse this authorization for a new trip you will probably need to modify some of the details. Is it possible to easily update the information on your ESTA form? Here we provide you with advice and information on how to easily update your ESTA details.


Which information should be updated on the ESTA file?

All the information you have entered on your ESTA form during your first application that has changed needs to be updated. This could be your address, your travel destination or even your passport number if this has changed.

Important! If the information is not correct you take the risk of being refused right of entry onto American territory.


When and how to update the ESTA information

As we have just noted, you can modify and update your ESTA information during its two year period of validity in order to use it for any further trips. Beyond that period you will need to re-submit your entire application, starting from the beginning.

To complete your modifications use your reference number that will enable you to access your information online on the website you originally used to submit your original application. Once you have updated your information and saved it you will need to wait for a few days again to obtain the requested authorisation.


In which cases should a new application be created for updating the information on your ESTA?

As we have previously indicated it is possible to modify certain information on your ESTA file using your ESTA file number but this only concerns certain information such as your email address. In the case of major modifications to information relating to certain personal details you cannot proceed with these modifications and will need to recomplete the entire online application procedure to obtain a new ESTA authorisation.

The changes concerned by this new ESTA application are as follows:

  • A change in your name or identity.
  • A change of address.
  • A change in your passport number.
  • A change in your situation entailing a different response to one or several questions in your application form.

If you are affected by one or another of these cases then it is imperative that you renew your ESTA authorisation by completing the online form again. Without this new authorisation your entry onto American territory will most certainly be refused as certain information can be verified by the American authorities or travel companies.

Of course, this new application should be complete and you will again be required to pay for the transfer and processing fees for your application and its examination by the authorities concerned. In the same way as for your initial application, you will receive a positive or negative response by email at the address stipulated in your application form and your authorisation will be automatically linked to your passport number.

Once again, except for any further modifications, you can use your ESTA authorisation for future visits to the USA within the two year period.