How to modify an ESTA request form?

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How to modify an ESTA request form?

Did you make a mistake whilst completing your online ESTA application form or has your situation changed and you wish to modify this application? No problem! In fact, the ESTA system has been created in such a way that you can modify your original application.


In which cases should you modify your ESTA application?

Your ESTA application should of course be modified if you have made an error when completing the original application but also in the case where the traveller’s situation has changed. This may be for example a change in the itinerary or the travel destination, or a modification relating to the traveller’s health or a legal situation.

In these precise cases the modification has to be made on the website where you submitted your first application. It is only after the processing of your modified application that you will obtain your travel authorization.


How to modify the ESTA online?

Only the person who benefits from the ESTA has the right to make a modification request concerning the information given. As all actions take place online, these modifications are not complex and take only a little time.

However, even if you received ESTA authorization on your first application, it is possible that your modifications may change the decision of the American authorities. It is only after the normal delay period of a few days that you will receive your definitive authorization.