ESTA: The needed document to enter the US offers a simple way to get the ESTA entirely in English by a form within 72 hours

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This program enables the citizens of 22 European countries and 5 Asian countries to enter American territory without holding a visa. The ESTA system (or Electronic System for Travel authorisation) has the main objective of filtering the flow of travellers in the airports and inside American territory. An ESTA form should be completed by all travellers from the program member countries before their entry into the United States. The application submission can only be made through the Internet, and individually. Once granted, an ESTA authorisation is valid for two years or on the expiry of the traveller’s passport.

What kind of information is required on the ESTA form?

This is separated into three sections. The first concerns the traveller’s identification and their passport. It should be noted that not all types of passport are acceptable. Although the electronic and biometric passports are valid, optical read passports issued from the 26th October 2005 are not. The second section of the ESTA form has closed questions relating to the traveller’s intentions during their visit. The optional third section relates to information about the flights and stay in the United States. Upon submitting their application, the traveller certifies the truth and accuracy of all information submitted by them.

It is therefore recommended to carefully read the form before completing and submitting it. Although it is not required for you to note the ESTA form as ‘read & self-certified’, printing two copies would be prudent; one to take with you on your trip, the other to keep to one side for future travel. The information entered on the form should be the same as that in your passport. The ESTA authorisation should be renewed when renewing your passport or changing your identification details.

The services relative to get an ESTA

Our website is specialized in the accompaniment of travellers that wish to visit the United States. It is not related to American authorities who should not be considered as responsible in case of litigation.

We propose also the evisitor - ETA autorization to travel to Australia or ETA Canada

A simplified procedure to obtain rapidly an ESTA authorisation:

Our website has the primary objective of assisting those who wish to visit the United States to more easily obtain their ESTA authorisation. This is the reason why you will find diverse information concerning the procedure and steps you need to take and the responses to different questions you will be asked concerning the organisation of your visit.
Among the subjects covered you will notably find the following:

  1. Advice on the correct completion of your form.
  2. The particular case of grouped applications if you are travelling with others.
  3. The particular case of children that accompany you.
  4. The requirement of an ESTA for a transit or stopover in the United States if your final destination is somewhere else.
  5. Information on the cost of your ESTA application form and an explanation on these fees.
  6. The validity period of your travel authorisation.
  7. The time it takes to obtain your ESTA following your online application.
  8. The different conditions you should fulfil to benefit from this programme.
  9. The updating of your file as necessary.
  10. The necessary official documents such as your passport.
  11. And other useful information.

The objective is to ensure that you are able to visit the USA without worrying about any errors or omissions during your preparative administrative procedures.

Direct access to an online application form on our website:

Apart from giving information on the various steps to follow to obtain your authorisation our website also enables you to complete your ESTA application directly online.

In fact, on this website you will find the electronic travel authorisation online application form that will enable you to obtain your ESTA in only a few clicks of your mouse.  Of course, to complete your application you will need your passport number as well as your credit card which you will use to pay the transfer and processing fees of your application.

As indicated above, you should ensure you have all the personal details available for you and any other people you are applying for to ensure you can respond to all questions asked on the form.  Of course, all information supplied will remain entirely confidential and will be used only for ESTA authorisation applications purposes. None of the information given will be kept by us or any third party and all payment information will be automatically and securely encrypted.

As you will notice, the form available on our website is in several languages to facilitate your understanding and ensure you can give accurate answers to all the questions that are asked. Completing this form should therefore not cause you any problems. However, if you encounter any difficulties do not hesitate to consult the various articles available on our website that deal with all and any of the possible problems that may be encountered.

Once this application has been duly completed and submitted with the online payment it will be transmitted to the American authorities responsible for immigration who will examine your application and respond with a positive or negative answer to the email address you have stipulated within a maximum of 72 hours.

Who can benefit from the online ESTA authorisation application?

The simplified online ESTA authorisation application scheme is only available to certain visitors. To benefit you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Your visit to the United States should not exceed 90 days, or 3 months, starting from the date of entry onto American territory. If you wish to stay in the USA for longer you will need to apply for a traditional visa from the American Embassy in your home country.
  2. You should be a citizen of one of the participating member countries of the ESTA programme: This scheme results from an agreement signed between the USA and certain countries including members of the European Union. On this website you will find a list of the countries concerned. You therefore need to be a permanent resident of one of these countries to benefit from this online authorisation application.
  3. You should have a valid passport: An ESTA authorisation does not under any circumstances represent a substitute for your passport. In fact, it is not possible to travel to the United States without this official document and a simple identity card will not suffice either to allow you access to this form. In fact, when you complete your ESTA application online you will need to enter your valid passport number. On our website you will also find information on the corresponding type of passports admissible and their validity.
  4. You need to fulfil the criteria for which the form was designed: This means that the responses you give to the questions asked in the ESTA application form should correspond with the American laws applicable.

How long to obtain your ESTA authorisation?

By using our website to complete your ESTA application form you can benefit from a service that is both fast and secure that also ensures that you receive a response from the American authorities within 72 hours.

This response will be sent by email to the address given by you in the questionnaire. Then you have nothing further to do as this authorisation will be automatically linked to your passport number.

If you receive a positive response you should be aware that you can use your ESTA authorisation for a period of two years from the date you receive it. If the personal information given does not change then you can use this travel authorisation for several visits to the United States under the same conditions. Once this time period has expired or if you need to modify your personal information then you will need to complete a new online application.

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