The electronic travel authorisation for New York

Are you planning to visit New York soon, one of the most famous cities in the world? Whether your purpose is business or pleasure, alone, as a couple or in a group, you will need a valid ESTA authorisation before boarding a plane to the Big Apple. On our website you will fill the application form you need. Here are some explanations and some advice on obtaining your ESTA to visit New York.  

New ESTA Application

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Why is an ESTA necessary to visit New York?

The ESTA is an obligatory authorisation that is required when visiting the United States, including New York. All foreign citizens of the member countries that have signed the VWP agreement enabling travel to the United States without the requirement for a visa need to obtain this travel permit to enter American territory. This permit is officially granted by the Ministry of Security of the United States. The ESTA application form should therefore be completed before your travel to New York.

The formalities related to the old form, the I-94W were somewhat fastidious and required a visit to related administrative offices in their quest to set foot on American soil. Happily, since 2009, following the decision of the United States administration to improve the immigration control conditions, this form has been replaced with an electronic form, the ESTA.

This electronic form therefore does not exist in paper form and can only be completed online. Only recently this form has been translated by certain specialised websites, such as ours, to enable speakers of other languages to complete it more easily with less likelihood of making mistakes.


How to obtain an ESTA authorisation to go to New York

Whatever the reason for your next trip to New York, the ESTA is therefore a necessary formality that will enable you to board a plane or ship bound for the United States. The different companies that provide these types of transport services have, over the last few years, adapted their operation to the VWP and therefore request that all their passengers present this ESTA authorisation before boarding with, of course, their valid ticket.

The ESTA is therefore the only form to complete for a stay of less than 90 days in New York.

Obtaining this ESTA authorisation is also fairly simple, you simply subscribe to a website such as ours where you can find the links and information for this essential form, and complete the questions accordingly.

These questions essentially relate to the reasons for your visit to New York, as well as some questions that concern you personally. Of course, once you have validated your application form online you have the opportunity to modify it due to any changes in your plans, directly online using your given reference number. This authorisation is valid for a period of two years and enables the holder to travel to the United States numerous times during the period of validity.


ESTA authorisation for other destinations in the United States:

To travel to New York you have probably understood that you will need an ESTA travel authorisation or a visa as well as a valid passport. But this is not all! In fact, New York is just an example used here to explain the need for this procedure and the documents required. Therefore, whatever your destination in the United States, this ESTA authorisation is required, even if you do not disembark in New York.

The ESTA system actually affects all the states of the USA and therefore all airports and ports of the country. It is the result of an agreement between the member countries of this programme and the American immigration authorities.

In the same way, a simple transit through the New York airport requires an ESTA authorisation, whether your final destination is the USA or elsewhere.

In all cases and if you plan a short visit to the USA or your travel plans require a transit or stopover in this country then you will need to have all necessary authorisations and documents or you will not be allowed to board or disembark your chosen form of transport.

New ESTA Application