How to renew an ESTA authorisation?

The ESTA authorisation is obligatory for all tourist or business travel to the United States. Although this authorisation, once granted, is valid for two years on the condition that all information given is correct for that period, once this period has ended you will need to renew your application. Here we explain how to proceed with an ESTA renewal and respond to queries you may have regarding your ESTA authorisation renewal.  

New ESTA Application

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When is it necessary to renew the ESTA authorisation?

You need to renew your ESTA authorisation when it has expired. But of course this renewal can be done before the actual expiry date of this electronic document, particularly if you are planning to travel again soon.


How to proceed with this renewal?

The renewal of your ESTA authorisation has to pass through a new online application. As you did the first time, you will have to complete the online form with your current situation details and reply to all questions asked.

Although it may seem tempting to simply copy the same information previously submitted on your prior ESTA application we recommend that you start from the beginning again. Your situation, your address and other information requested may have changed or slightly modified. It is therefore necessary to complete the application as if it was your first.

Of course, this ESTA authorisation renewal is payable as it again requires verification work on the part of the authorities concerned.


Renewing your ESTA authorisation before its expiry date:

The case whereby an ESTA authorisation comes to its expiry date is not the only time you may need to proceed with a renewal. In fact, even if your authorisation is valid for a period of two years from its date of acceptance, it cannot be used to visit the United States if the information that you have given is no longer valid.

In fact, in certain cases such as a change of name, address, or passport number or even if your response to one of the questions that you have answered at the time of your initial application is no longer the same, you will be required to make a new application to renew your travel authorisation.

Once submitted and accepted, your ESTA authorisation application can no longer be modified and will therefore need to be reapplied for. The change in certain information in fact requires a new examination of your file by the American authorities responsible for immigration and you will therefore be required to resubmit an application. Of course, you will have to answer all the questions on the form again and pay the fees and cost inherent.


Is the renewal of an ESTA guaranteed and automatic?

If you have already obtained an ESTA authorisation in the past then you may assume that the renewal of this is automatic when it reaches its expiry date but this is not the case.

In fact, although you may have obtained a positive response to your preceding travel authorisation application this does not automatically mean that you will receive a positive response to future applications. It should be remembered that an ESTA renewal is in fact considered as a new application and therefore will be processed and examined in the same way as your first or previous application.

Of course, if your situation has not changed and no major event has taken place in your life that is contrary to the rules defined by the American authorities for entering American territory than there is no reason why this new application should be refused, unless the rules have changed.

In any case, if one of the answers to the questions asked on the ESTA application form has changed then it is possible that your application will be refused. You should therefore not assume that your ESTA will be automatically granted before receiving a positive response.


Is it possible to renew an ESTA for a family member or another person?

If you wish to renew the ESTA for a family member or friend then you can do so if you have all the necessary information to complete the questionnaire. The ideal solution in this situation is to complete the form with the other person present who should have their valid passport number with them.

The declaration made on the ESTA application form is a declaration made upon your honour and all the answers provided to the various questions should be carefully checked. You cannot respond instead of another person unless you are simply communicating their answers.

Of course, there again you will be required to pay the online ESTA application costs and fees, either with your own credit or debit card or that of the person you are reapplying for.


Why is it necessary to pay for an ESTA authorisation renewal?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the renewal of your ESTA is in fact not such at all as it refers to a new and complete application. It is therefore necessary for the American authorities to process your application as with a new one and not as a continuity of a previous one.

It goes without saying that the costs and time required are of course the same here as for an initial ESTA application and the fees charged are identical. It is also not possible to obtain a reduction depending on the number of applications submitted.


The cases in which it is not possible for you to renew your ESTA:

The renewal of an ESTA authorisation is a simple procedure which does not require more time than the initial application. However, under certain circumstances it is not possible to renew this authorisation and it is therefore pointless to continue with this procedure online.

This is notably the case if you have moved to a country that is not a member of the ESTA scheme. In this case you will not be able to benefit from the Visa Waiver programme and will need to apply for a classic visa.

This also concerns those who are no longer eligible for an ESTA following a major change in their life such as a conviction for a crime or record that may infringe upon American rights and liberties. In this case it is also highly probable that a visa application will also not be successful. 

Finally, if you do not hold a valid passport then you will not be able to renew your ESTA. It will be necessary for you to undertake the necessary procedure to obtain a new valid passport before applying online for your ESTA.


From which website should I complete the renewal of an ESTA authorisation?

The renewal of an ESTA authorisation is actually an entirely new application, you are therefore not required to complete this procedure on the same website from which you completed your initial application.

It is up to you to choose a reputable service provider such as that we recommend on this website which offers numerous advantages such as the refund of costs undertaken in the case of a refusal of your authorisation or the sending of your application by mail if you require a paper copy of this document.

We nevertheless recommend you to choose this website carefully as it is the quality of the service offered that will be partly responsible for the success of your travel plans for visiting the United States and rapidly obtaining the necessary travel authorisation. 

New ESTA Application